Thursday, September 3, 2015

Check out all of these things you can do to get the best custom woven labels

Enhance your cloth finish by printed label touch with CBF Labels 
In recent trend people love to purchase only branded clothing materials from the market and it becomes a passion among youngsters. Nowadays people look for perfect labeling of clothing products; a branded label gives them a positive approach of buying which completely depend upon quality. The professional custom clothing labels are used by many garment manufacturers,people that love to make arts and crafts and dress designers to give their customer a professional look.  
Picking up the right custom clothing labels for clothing or hang tags 
Before starting to order or buy custom clothing labels you need to know the available options first. The two different types of clothing labels are woven labels and printed labels. Both has their advantages and disadvantages.   
Custom Clothing Labels

Woven labels:  These kinds of labels are made on a large weaving loom which comes out in very large sheet of thread is sent to the machine to cut and fold. The custom custom clothing labels are produced bulky around 1000 pieces and generally higher The weaving process takes only less time like 1 or 2 days depending upon the customer order, but the cut and fold process utilizes more time. Hence the sample time is estimated to be one to two days and production is for 5 to 7 days. These woven labels are usually sewn into the side seam, neck seam and bottom or sleeve of the garment. Labels are sometimes applied to hang tags. These customized clothing labels are used to decorate, show brand and giving information about the size, shape and color of the garments. The woven clothing labels prices are higher because the design & color does not matter but the size. 

Printed labels:  These kinds of labels are printed using ink and plates on ribbons. Each printed label will have plates (at least one) for each color. Printed colors can be matched to the colored garments tones but the woven labels is quite hard to match unless dyed and also costly. Thermal printed labels are available as you will not require any plates. But its print quality is poor and prints will fade away over time. Printed clothing labels are often used to give information’s such as care content & size tabs stitched inside back neck, side seam or bottom of the garment. The production time is quick for printed labels around 5 to 7 days only depending upon the customer order and type of cut & fold. Printed labels are good for soft satin & cotton materials where they can be used with ultrasonic cutting and quite comfortable for all types of garments.   
Usage of hang tags in designboth the above types of labels are used for branding and giving information about the garments.  The custom woven labels cost is very high and durable because they are woven with thread. Sometimes this woven labels are not precious as custom tags.  On other hand, printed labels can be costly at initial stage because of size and multiple colors (each color and size requirement of individual plates).  Woven labels are considered desirable and printed labels are quite costly to adjust when compared to woven. Location


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  2. Cbf are great for custom woven label orders over 1000 pcs. You might want to consider on custom orders of only 300 pcs.

  3. I agree people that only need small quanities of woven labels should not go through cbf. Their for the larger clothing companies